Application freezes when closing modal window and opening popup immediately after


We are experiencing this problem when the result of closing a modal window needs to show a popup to the user, because of an error or information message.

We think there is something that is blocking the user events so they cant be handled by the controllers.

The error is reproduced in following codepen:

Clicking ‘modal’ button will show the modal. Clicking ‘Close & Popup’ will close the modal, the ‘modal.hidden’ event triggers an event to the ‘AppCtrl’ with finally show the popup. Once the popup is dismissed ‘modal’ button does not work anymore.

We have already tried handling ‘modal.hidden’ in ‘AppCtrl’ and showing the modal inside a service with the same result

Any help will be welcomed
Thanks in advance

This is old, but I came across the same issue. It doesn’t seem to matter if popup or modal is opened first, it matters how they are closed (I think). In my case, it was opening a popup and behind it a modal auto-opened. When I closing the popup, and then the modal, the app would freeze…maybe the freeze happens during popover and modal open at virtually the same moment, but the fact that we can still close the popup and the modal implies the freeze is happening after they are closed.