Application Error - network error file://android_asset/www/index.html

Hello, before open a new topic i read about the problem but all the solutions not works for me.

I’m starting to develop a simple app with ionic and a i read to create a blank app from zero,

my settings is

cordova 6
android 5
windows 7

I downloaded cordova via npm
i downloaded ionic via npm

i created a blank ionic app with the command ionic start
i added via cordova the android platform and at the end i build the apk by cordova

i installed the apl in my device (a samsung ) but when i open the app the message is

Application Error - network error file://android_asset/www/index.html

behind the error i can see a browser page with the error but when i click ok on the error the browser is closed.

I was very happy to develop this app with ionic but i lost 2 days without solution.

Somebody can help me to understand?

Some other information

  1. the version of android in my phone is 4.2.2 , could be the problem?
  2. i created first a simple cordova app and it works fine, then isn’t a cordova problem

This happens for me on older versions of Android, try with a production build and it should work, it did for me.