Application boot time


Hi everyone,
Recently I have received an order for mobile application with 3 possible choices of technology: Ionic 4, React native and Flutter.

I had really good time in developing Ionic 3 applications so I would choose Ionic 4, but i created sample app and was a little bit disappointed in result.

It takes a little bit more than 2 seconds to show first page and it looks unprofessionally with this first gray screen and then after splash - white screen.
Do you have any advices how to improve this aspect?

PS. I used ionic build --prod and cordova with --prod flag.


Refresh, how fast should ionic 4 app boot?


The gray screen looks like the actual splash screen (which is missing an image maybe?), because the “splash screen” already has a spinner which the real splash screen can’t have. How did you setup that project?

Also post your ionic info output please.



Its just basic ionic tabs app from cli and cordova comands:

ionic cordova prepare android
ionic cordova build android --prod