AppFlow show update, download it but not install

I’m working on a new app with VueJS 3 and Capacitor. I have good previous experience with LiveUpdate in an Angular app.

However, in this new Vue 3 app something strange is happening.
As with the Angular app, I do the whole process manually: I check for new updates, display a popup for the user, then start the download, extract and restart the app.
But the new version is not deployed even after the app is restarted.

Taking a look at the logs (from an Android device) I get this:

Starting IonicTimer CleanSnapshotDir
No directory found for snapshot no need to delete
Finished IonicTimer CleanSnapshotDir in 0.015 seconds.
Cleaned version directory
Starting IonicTimer CopyBaseApp
Finished IonicTimer CopyBaseApp in 0.178 seconds.
Copied base app resources
Downloading update...
Starting IonicTimerdownloadTimer
About to download 0 new files for update.
Finished IonicTimer downloadTimer in 0.001 seconds.
Extra IonicTimer Downloaded 0 files

Notice the lines “About to download 0 new files for update.” and “IonicTimer extra Downloaded 0 files”, it’s very strange, because the Deploy.checkForUpdate() function tells me that there is a new version to be installed (and there really is, because I do new deploys to test) and only after that do I run the download process.

My current version of Capacitor is:

$ ionic info
Ionic CLI : 6.20.3 (/usr/local/nvm/versions/node/v18.12.1/lib/node_modules/@ionic/cli)
CLI capacitor: 3.2.0
@capacitor/android : 3.9.0
@capacitor/core : 3.9.0
@capacitor/ios : 3.9.0
cordova-res : not installed globally
native-run : 1.7.2
NodeJS : v18.12.1 (/usr/local/nvm/versions/node/v18.12.1/bin/node)
npm: 8.19.3
OS: Linux 5.4

But the same problem happens to me when I use the latest version of the capacitor (4.x.x).

I have also fount the same problem with download nekopoi apk. if you will find solution of it then kindly also share here.

Hi there - please send a note to if this is still an issue. Thanks.