Appflow new builds not updating apk

I’ve been building multiple versions of my app for Android today. I was wondering why the errors I had been fixing were still visible in the release build. Lo and behold, the apk I have downloaded from the new builds does not contain the updated app at all! It’s still the same app version from and old commit.

My Appflow app is linked to Gitlab and the new commits are shown as they are supposed to. I double checked and the newest commit number also appears in the build details and build log. Only the resulting artefact is wrong.

What’s up with that? I can’t release a new version.

Please advice fast!

Hey there, passing this along to the team to see if they might have thoughts. Did you file a support ticket at all?

Checked with the team and we’re going to need more info. If you can file a support ticket along with your email you use for the account, the id of the app, and any error logs or screenshots, then we can best help!

Thanks for the reply @max. I filed a support ticket with the app and build number. Please contact me for further details.