Appflow Live updates not working on android release but works on android debug

My env:
Ionic CLI 7.1.1
@capacitor/core 5.1.1
cordova-plugin-ionic 5.5.3
Android Studio Flamingo | 2022.2.1 Patch 2

I’m manually loading OTA updates to my app using:

 const downloadUpdateResult = await Deploy.downloadUpdate((progress) => {
        setProgress(progress || 0);

      const extractUpdateResult = await Deploy.extractUpdate((progress) => {
        setProgress(progress || 0);

      // extractUpdateResult
      const deployResult = await Deploy.reloadApp();

Now this works perfectly on IOS, and android debug builds but for android release builds its not working at all, it downloads and extracts perfectly fine but await Deploy.reloadApp() is taking forever. and logcat keeps printing:

A resource failed to call end. 
A resource failed to call close. 

again this only happens to release builds and not on debug builds.
Anyone else experiences the same issue?