App works on device (iOS) and through the browser but not Ionic View

I have an app that is working on the device (iOS) and through Ionic Serve and I wanted to share it with some people so I uploaded to Ionic View and it runs but after authenticating with Firebase it does not go to the Home page. Just stays on the Login page. I tried registering a new account and it worked, the new account appears in Firebase but it still just stays on the login page.

I have an onEnter function for the tabs abstract state that checks if the user is logged in and if not it routes them back to the login page. I changed the console.log to an alert that shows the logged in user’s id and I get the alert with the correct id on the Ionic View app but it never goes to the page. Here’s that function…

.state('tabs', { url: '/tabs', templateUrl: 'views/tabs/tabs.html', controller: 'tabsCtrl', onEnter: function($state, FirebaseAuth, Utils) { if(!FirebaseAuth.getAuth()){ $state.go('login'); }else { alert('Logged in as: ' + FirebaseAuth.getAuth().uid); } }, abstract: true })

Again, this works fine on the Emulator, actual iPhone and Ionic Serve web browser but just not in Ionic View.


I’ve tried using resolve instead of onEnter after reading this: StackOverflow article but it’s still not working in Ionic View. I removed the resolve from the state just to see if that was the issue and the app works now in Ionic View (obviously it doesn’t check for authentication which is no good) so I think that there must be some issue with interrupting the state change on Ionic View.