App UI freezes after an ActionSheet is hidden?

Hello, having a weird issue.

After I show an Action sheet (which works fine) any button on that actionsheet results in the UI freezing after being clicked.

I can still scroll, but i cannot click anything… no buttons work.

My code:

$scope.feedMenu = function() {

        buttons: [{
            text: '<i class="icon ion-ios7-bolt m-r-xs "></i> Report this post</b>'
        }, {
            text: '<i class="icon ion-ios7-trash m-r-xs "></i> Remove Post'
        cancelText: 'Cancel',
        cancel: function() {
            return true;
        buttonClicked: function(index) {
            return true;


Any help appreciated.

Anyway you could provide a codepen where this happens?
I’m not seeing in in the nightly builds

It’s still ocurring.
using v1.3.

This very example that you posted has this issue on my browser (Chrome)…

This DIV is not being removed after action sheet fades out.

< div class=“action-sheet-backdrop ng-animate active-remove active-remove-active” ng-class=“cssClass” buttons=“buttons” data-ng-animate=“2” >

If I manually remove it using inspector, everything else back to normal.

In firefox it’s OK

@mhartington If you click to backdrop when action sheet active; It freezes

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