App stuck on splash screen (ngc build only)

Hi, After updating some modules and the most recent version of ionic 2 and the app-scripts now when I build with “–prod” my app is stuck on the splash screen (no error message what so ever).
ionic --serve and ionic build without “–prod” seem to work fine both on IOS and Android. However, the app takes a lot of time to load.
Please help, as I’m already fighting this for 2 days, and is the first bad experience with Ionic 2, out app is already in production and we are building it since Ionic beta 10.

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There were multiple posts concerning splash screens and problems using --prod in the last few days here. Did you look at those already?

Thanks for Your answer. The only thing I found that downgrading typescript to 2.0.9 solved the issue in some cases, however I still do have this problem.
Please send me links If you think something might help, I will recheck the forum.

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I had similar issue when I tried to load script asynchronously and had race condition.

Changed to chained load and now it’s ok.

Hi thanks for Your answer, but please explain as it all sounds Spanish to me. Where do I load the scripts, how to I change between asynchronously and chained loading?

Did you ever get this resolved

No, I still do my production builds using ionic/app-scripts@0.0.46. I have spend a full week trying different things, no success.

ended removing the splash screen and reinstalling the plugin. And it worked