App store asking to increase rating after adding in app browser to open URLs


The rating for our app in app store is 4+ but after adding in app browser to open URLs from the app to system browser (_system) they rejected the app and asking to increase the rating to 12+. What they reported is “Since your app allows filtered access to YouTube, where content with mature or suggestive themes can be accessed, it should be rated 12+.” Any one know what to do for maintain the 4+ rating?


Don’t let people open YouTube?


But whatsapp has the 3+ rating even if they allow open YouTube URL.


But they don’t use an in-app-browser


And you are not Whatsapp with billions of downloads… so the rules for them might be different.


That might be true…


But the functionality is same (open URL to system browser(safari) with a back button to app. If it is a YouTube URL then will open YouTube app if exists).