App startup offline


I have a potentially very stupid question. Is there any way to have the initial app startup work when offline? After I run “ionic run ios --device”, the app loads up fine. If the device I am using is disconnected from the internet, I can return to the app if the app is just paused (i.e. if I just press the iPhone button once). If I double tap the button and then quit the app, it will freeze on the loading screen and never start unless I reconnect to the internet. There aren’t any resources my app needs that are being downloaded from external resources, everything is stored on the phone. Is there any way to start the app up even if the phone is offline?



I tried installing the ionic app in a device which is disconnected from the internet. But it was working fine. May i know which device you are using? And also did you check the console for any errors while installing the app in the device?


Well I feel pretty silly, but I can’t reproduce this problem again today! It had been hanging up on startup when I quit the app and relaunched offline, but today it is working like a charm! I really appreciate you checking in to it, sorry if I wasted your time!


No problem. Things like this happens some time.