App shows blank screen after splash in ionic3

App works fine in when run using ionic serve but when i install it in real device it gets stuck on blank screen after splash ,So I inspected the app through browser it is giving me exception written below and i have
no clue how to resolve this issue.

ng:///AppModule/MyApp.ngfactory.js:235 ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ‘user’ of undefined
at Object.eval [as updateRenderer] (ng:///AppModule/MyApp.ngfactory.js:334)
at Object.debugUpdateRenderer [as updateRenderer] (vendor.js:24343)
at checkAndUpdateView (vendor.js:23718)
at callViewAction (vendor.js:23954)
at execComponentViewsAction (vendor.js:23896)
at checkAndUpdateView (vendor.js:23719)
at callWithDebugContext (vendor.js:24583)
at Object.debugCheckAndUpdateView [as checkAndUpdateView] (vendor.js:24285)
at ViewRef_.detectChanges (vendor.js:22094)
at IonicApp.ngOnInit (vendor.js:63486)