App scale question


Hi, I ran and slightly modified the default app for Ionic but the app looks very small in “scale”, for instance the header bar looks very tiny on my phone and the menu-icon button is almost too small to press with a finger easy, can I somehow “scale-up” the view? see image attached how small the view is



looks like a normal mobile app i think.

But you can use sass or scss to overwrite the default values of ionic (bar-height, font-size).

Greets, bengtler


Thanks for your response.

But is it really the same “standard header”? for instance its smaller than Instagram’s header which is pretty standard. It feels strange to manually size-up all elements, isnt there a way to scale everything up a bit?

Generally, do you guys who have made apps with Ionic scale upp the header?

Ps: how do I change color of the background of the list-scroll menu, I want the background black similar to Facebook’s app.