App randomly refreshing during route change

We have a v1 ionic app running on 3.x version of the framework, however the issue is it will randomly reload the whole app when changes states (route). In earlier versions of the framework this never happened, but since upgrading to 3 it has been happening quite consistently. The reload usually happens when going to a sub-route, then if you navigate back to the same sub-route it will generally load fine the second time - then randomly happen again when visiting the same sub-route in a few minutes time. Any ideas on what might be causing this? A way to find the source of what is causing the refresh?

I will note I am referring to the app randomly refreshing in the Chrome browser. Just trying it now, I have found the app is fine when livereloading is disabled. To debug, I re-enabled livereload, waited until it happened again, and didn’t see any change listed in the console window (from iconic serve). Livereload seems to be causing an issue.