App published in Playstore not load content only in Android 11 and 12

Hello to everyone

I’m struggling with this problem in the last week.

I’ve deployed an app, the apk before the pubblication work correctly over real and emulated device without limitation on the android version i’ve limited the apk to work from Android 7 as the min sdk version, i’ve tested the apk over android 11 without any sort of problem

I’ve pubblished the app in the playstore inserting in the config.xml the subsequent code

<preference name="android-targetSdkVersion" value="30" />

as requested by the playstore for the pubblication of the app

After pubblication the app work correctly in Android 10 real device, while in android 11 real device not load any of the content (image, text, audio, video), i have a whitescreen and the only thing visible is the control bar with the icon.

I’ve tested the app with android studio emulator with android 11 installed and all work correctly.

Doing some search on google i’ve found this article:

I’m sure that the app work correctly over all new versions of Android (11 and 12), and i’m convinced that the problem si only a misconfiguration in the config xml as indicated in the previous link, there is someone that has been the same problem and resolved it, any suggestion is highly appreciated

I’ve debugged with a real device with Android 11 via usb cable and i revealed only the following error

it’s a simple question of updating Sqliteplugin as sayd in this github post

Android 11 support? · Issue #196 · ionic-team/ionic-storage · GitHub ?

Making some search i’ve found this post

and the solution worked for me now my app work even in Android 11!