App no working in Smartphone android... Help

Hi friends, I had an application in Cordova pure and I needed to pass it to ionic, so create a new project in ionic (ionic start myProject) and integrate the application in Cordova copying all the recuersos (www) and the necessary libraries.

Then run the application in the browser (ionic serve) and work perfectly.

Then add the android platform and run compile the application with (ionic build android). Copying it to the device did not work. The application opens and passes the splash screen and stays on the black screen.

Then connect the device and run (ionic run android -lc). The command console asked to select an address (see image 1). I select option 4 and the application compiled and worked on the device. (The computer and the smartphone are on the same wifi network).

Image 1:

The problem is that the application does not work on the smartphone after compiling it. (Ionic build android).

I am working with the following versions: (image 2)

Ionic platform added version 5.2.2.

my file config.xml:

my bower file: