App is run forever

add this line in body array.

'large_icon'=>"your image path",

@ravi_sojitra.Thank u so much.I am very glad for discuss this section with you…

Happy to help.
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I have another doubt.My mobile device top notification section received bell icon.why?

can you show me how did you include that line i gave you in your code?

Here is my code.

let body = {
app_id: “5d4fd62b-b9f8-4e41-9a89-7ea3b18af3de”,
contents: {“en”: “English Message”},
included_segments: [“All”],

Here is my output.

after i see the custom icon

i think you might need to setup icon for your app with ionic resources command.
Try this link.

I generate icons and splash screen.Still show bell icon.How can i fix this?

is there images at this location in your project folder?
drawable-xhdpi and so on

ya.i have images in project root folder


as i told, it needs to be drawable-hdpi or drawable-xhdpi for the onesignal plugin to create notification icon.

I think.i create a folder name drawable-hdpi ?

I have images are

drawable-land-hdpi and drawable-port-hdpi inside /platforms/android/res/

Not the folder but it should be image with name i gave you in image

Kindly check. Here is my platform folder

I create the images drawable-hdpi or drawable-xhdpi .But still not fixed

it needs to be like this.

What sizes are these images?

Still not fixed.But i create icons

Can you show me your config.xml file?