App freeze when storing using localforage

when my ionic app starts for the first time it will connect to a web service to download a json data (1800 json object) and store it on the localstorage.
getting the data is fast enough but when storing it using localforage the App freeze for few seconds which is not a good user experience at all. any thoughts how I can solve this?

                    .success(function (data) {                         
                        $localForage.setItem(CACHE_KEY, data);
                    .error(function (err) {

Have you tried to find the size of the data in the localStorage? consider this link
As far as I know Android have limitation of 2mb of localStorage size and ios have 5mb

I can see you have been using $localForage, are you sure you are using localstorage as the storage driver?

You are correct. I am not using localstorage as the data is about 5 MB and so I am using $localForage

The data is successfully stored locally but the problem is the App freeze while storing it