App default icon



I am trying to add a default custom icon for my app on Android.

I read this in Phonegap 3.5 doc( ) :

The following configuration can be used to define single default icon which will be used for all platforms.

<icon src="res/icon.png" />

I tried to add this in my config.xml.

I first created an icon folder at config.xml root and changed src.

It seems that when I build the app, my icon is created under android platform (res/drawable).

Even if I didn’t configure other Android icons (hdpi, ldpi, …), my default icon never appear … :frowning:

Someone already used this?

Thanks, :slight_smile:



Try to delete the app from the device or try to do a clean build. Sometimes the icon gets cached in the build steps in cordvoa.


I tried, but default icon works only if I remove all icon images of other drawable forlders (hdpi, ldpi, …).

Anyway, I think I will create multiple icon images for Android and IOS, it will be easier and probably a best practise.

I saw tools like 9-patch :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help