App crashed with Angular-google-map lib when network unavailable


I am using Angular-google-map lib in my app, works fine with internet access, but once I disable the internet access, the app won’t start, the log shows the Angular failed to load the Angular-google-map module ‘google-maps’, because its loading remote google map libs, is there are way to solve this or I should be using the phonegap google map lib like this one:



What do you mean by remote? I use the same library for google-map, it’s true that the map won’t load but that’s obvious, the app does start though.


Sorry, I mean the Angular google map requires this line to be added

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

When there is no internet it cannot find it so the module failed load, and the app shows me a black screen with following logs, but now I downloaded this file to my app, and still not working.


Oye I get the same error when I start the app for the first time after deploying without a connection, seems the first time the app is started a proper connection is needed I think that after that it will cache the files needed for the library to load.


Is there a way to solve this? I found people are talking about this here, but not too sure where to start to make this work with Ionic, any idea?