API jumpstart please

I’m new to ionic and to angular as well. PHP was always more my style, but time to expand my horizons. Does anybody have a good reference for a simple API setup? I’ve started to create a provider called auth-service and basically it needs to do this:

Send a get of api_key=(api_key)&password=(password) to
https://mydomain.com/api/v1/authentication/ which returns a token
Token is added to the header. Return to the view

View sends the data request with token in header to
https://mydomain.com/api/v1/endpoint/component/ which returns the data to be displayed.

Building the API was easy and the PHP client to. Just trying to get past that hump in the programming differences. A snippet or a good resource could help.


Are you using Ionic 3 / Angular 5 to develop your API?

Or to consume your API?

See: https://angular.io/guide/http

Brand new so yes Ionic 3 / Angular 5. Good resource. I also forgot to mention API returns json, but that is often assumed. Hoping to see it put together within an Ionic build, but that doc is already helpful. I will begin this journey there.

And I really appreciate a good response time. On so many boards out there I often have the answer myself before getting a reply a week later. So thank you.

There is another decent resource. I just can’t figure out how to hit the authentication first, pass the api_key and password then add the resulting token to the Bearer header first. Ugh. Like I said noob.