API Calls using Shared Library/Module

Hello i have developed a mobile and web app which needs to share the same business logic and API calls.So i created a library with the help of this blog https://hackernoon.com/how-to-create-library-in-angular-2-and-publish-to-npm-from-scratch-f2b1272d6266 and published the library.I installed the library in my mobile app.The business logic code is working fine but i am facing issues with API calls.I am getting the following error

No provider for AuthHttp!

This is how my app.module.ts in my mobile app

import { AuthHttp, AuthConfig } from 'angular2-jwt';

    import { HttpModule, Http, JsonpModule,RequestOptions } from '@angular/http';

    export function getAuthHttp(http, storage) {
       return new AuthHttp(new AuthConfig({
       headerName: 'Authorization',
       headerPrefix: 'Bearer',
       tokenName: 'id_token',
       noJwtError: true,
       globalHeaders: [{ 'Accept': 'application/json', 'Content-Type': 
       'application/json' }],
        tokenGetter: (() => storage.get('id_token')),
       }), http);

      declarations: [
      imports: [
      bootstrap: [IonicApp],
      entryComponents: [
      providers: [
         provide: AuthHttp,
         useFactory: getAuthHttp,
         deps: [Http, Storage]

This is how my SharedLibrary module code looks

import { NgModule, } from '@angular/core';
    import { EmptyTextDirective } from './empty-text.directive';
    import { EmptyTextService } from './empty-text.service';
      exports: [EmptyTextDirective],
      declarations: [EmptyTextDirective],
      providers: [EmptyTextService],
     export class SharedModule { }

And the emptytextservice.ts code is

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
    import { AuthHttp } from 'angular2-jwt';
    export class EmptyTextService {
        emptyTextDisplay:string = "empty";
        constructor(public authhttp:AuthHttp) {}
             return this.authhttp.get(someurl).map((data)=>{
                 return data.json();

I have configured authhttp in my app.module because i am using the shared module in both mobile and web app.so the token which is generated is stored in session storage for web app and ionic storage for mobile.can somebody please tell me how can i share the api calls done using angular2 jwt.

Thank you