Anyone using 3rd party component ionic-selectable upgraded to Ionic 7, Angular 16?

Hi, just wondering if anyone here using the component ionic-selectable (3rd party) got it working with Ionic 7, Angular 16?

When I use the released version, I get the error that the module is not compatible with Ivy, and with the Alpha version I get

Module '"@ionic/core"' has no exported member 'HeaderFn'.

I have added an issue to the repo, but as the component seems to have a lot of users, and a number Forks, I thought I would ask here… (or am I just being too impatient, and need to give more time for them to update?)

Thanks in advance for any info.

Hi @peterjc I am also getting same issues, Have you got any chance to resolve that component yet?

No, but as I didn’t really use any of the more advanced options, ie I really only wanted the search and the virtualization, I used the following as a guide by Simon to just create my own, so I no longer need it…

To get the virtualization, just need to use the Angular virtual scroll, e.g. I have

<cdk-virtual-scroll-viewport style="height: 100%" [itemSize]="48" minBufferPx="900" maxBufferPx="1350">
      <ng-container *cdkVirtualFor="let item of filtered">
        <ion-item (click)="selectItem(item)" class="text-truncate">
          <!-- Mode of ios so buttons always round (as they were for ionic selectable) -->
          <ion-checkbox slot="start" mode="ios" [(ngModel)]="selectedItem && 
            itemValueField ? item[itemValueField]===selectedItem[itemValueField] : item===selectedItem">
          {{itemTextField ? item[itemTextField] : item}}

So now I no longer need to worry about a third party package.

But my usecase is quite simple, ie I did not have to do any of the more advanced options.