Anyone could test phonegap build for ios pls?

Hey guys! I have an annoying problem. I complied my project for ios on phonegap build (free account) but when i start the app after the splash screen i just see a blank white screen (i searched for methods, like increasing timeout and lots of things in config.xml regarding splash screen but no success).

So i tried to complie a sample ionic project and test it on my phone. I complied this on phonegap build, just give this repo: I used developer certificate and profile and also added my device.

Now when i try this demo app i just see the splash screen and nothing else on my iphone 7 plus 11.3

Can anyone also test this with phonegap build? I really dont know what can cause this problem. The console log is empty. (i am debugging on windows with this:

Doesn’t phonegap have an option to debug each app individually using Weinre?

i used that, but the console log is still empty. I really dont know what can cause this white screen issue.

I made an ionic starter repo:

Anyone could pull this with cloud PhoneGap Build and try to build it for ios with developer cers?

I copied it to my phone and even this is giving me white screen on the newest ios.

I don’t have PhoneGap Build but I’ve got a mac and an iPhone and unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce your issue, all went fine

Afterwards I ran ionic server and opened your sample project in Safari, only things weird I saw is a csp error regarding an image

Refused to load  because it appears in neither the img-src directive nor the default-src directive of the Content Security Policy.