Any Video player in Ionic framework which supports HLS streaming?

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With regards, we are developing a hybrid video news android app(from our app: we are going to distribute the hyperlocal video news feed to end-users in short 15-20 seconds video format only).

For the above, we are looking to integrate Video player which supports HLS streaming and the technologies we are using to develop the Hybrid Android App are:
Ionic, Angular JS, Node JS & MySQL

Does the player mentioned in this link: supports HLS streaming with hybrid android app(Ionic, Angular Js, Node JS & MySQL)?

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Kumar Vansh Moondra

It would seem so.

Thanks @rapropos.

I have gone through the link which you shared above(as it shows the support of HLS Streaming).

My question is little bit different, will rephrase it, revised one is: Does Ionic supports exoplayer?