Any tutorials on how to build a chat/messaging app?

I need to integrate a chat/messaging service into my app. It will be a one to many chat. A user will only be allowed to communicate to me, and I can communicate to anybody using the app.

Anybody have any good tutorials for this?

I also going to create a chat app in the upcoming period
I found this tutorial may help you

also , to finish your work faster - try to download a chat template from ionic marketplace

Hi, nb1990. I think this will be usefull for you, so i can recoomend this article about how to make a messenger app. Here you can find answers for most popular question. But if you still have questions you can ask me. I’ll be glad to help.

Hello nb,

When developing a messenger app, lots of things are to be considered. First of all, it’s all about functionality.
Your ideal messaging app should provide the following features:

Instant messaging

Voice and video messages

Voice and video calls

File exchange

Photo editing

Public channels

Integration with social networks

Thus, your app will be an ultimate solution for everyone who wants to freely share their thought. To learn more about building such an app, you can read that guide.