Any image editing plugin/library available for Ionic 3?

Is it possible to integrate a image editing plugin/library that allows you to add text, filters, change color, crop, etc?

Check the Ionic Native plugins. Also, you have access to the Angular npm library, for example things like Cloudinary.

Hey, I looked at it before making this thread but I could only find plugins for uploading or cropping not editing or adding text. If there is one please point me towards it.

I post here a lot less than I used to, because the level of question has gotten really lazy, and it turns me off. How much time did you spend reading the Cloudinary documentation before you typed that response to me?

I already know how to upload files I’m going to use my own backend. I need something that allows users to edit images using my app and save to device or save to my backend. I don’t want to create a whole interface to add text and change font or font sizes and use their API to upload. I’m looking for a pre-built image editor that allows me to do all this

what about croppie.js?

I’m looking for something more native tho