Image acquisition + upload -- has anyone tried uppy (or similar) with Ionic for image acquisition?


I need to have users submit their profile photo - a very common app requirement.

This seems like a good open-source project for image acquisition and upload:

I’m curious if anybody has had any experience integrating with Ionic any off-the-shelf project that allows for image uploads – I would be very grateful if anybody has a good image upload solution with Ionic.


I rolled my own with ng2-img-tools. However, I’m strongly considering trying uppy-store-ngrx, because my main app is ngrx-based. If the library works, it will be a significant improvement over what I have now. But I don’t know if reality is as cool as the documentation.

As a general answer: if you’re working in Ionic 3, find a well-supported Angular wrapper for the library you’re interested in, and you can pretty much plug and play, in my experience.

Ah, just saw that there was another thread on here that is very related to this one:

Here’s a link to a few more image croppers / acquirerers that work with angular:

The AngularJS ones won’t work with Ionic 3, FYI.