Another image manupulation question

I’m busy with my first mobile/ionic app and my next task is to manipulate one image on top of another. The idea is that the user will be able to see what a painting will look like on their living room wall or wherever. So basically I will have the living room wall as a background image and the painting as another image which they can drag around, flip and resize with gestures.
They also need to be able to mark two spots on the background wall that’ll be, for example, 1 meter apart so that I can resize the painting (who’s dimensions I’ll know) relative to the actual size of the wall.

Sorry for the long intro, my question is whether there is a library that can be integrated with ionic that already has a lot of that functionality built in?

  • Import photo from camera or photo gallery
  • Resize, flip and drag image
  • Mark coordinates on image (to determine dimensions of wall)
  • Ideally with a popup/dialog menu system so that the images can take up most of the screen space, but the user has a way to access the flip and mark coordinates actions (otherwise a static top-menu will do).

If not I will probably follow along with the following thread, but I don’t like recreating the wheel if not required: