Announcing Ionic v7.1

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We’re so excited to announce the release of Ionic 7.1 :tada:. It is the first feature release of the Ionic 7 development cycle, and it’s packed with tons of new features for datetime, input, select, and more. Let’s get into it. :point_down: Input Masking Input masking is coming to Ionic! Input masks are a way…


This is good work but I had to abandon ion-input long ago due to issues with input focusing, password manager auto-fills, and a host of other issues. Wish more time was spend on fixing those.

Would you mind filing issues on Sign in to GitHub · GitHub for the bugs you ran into? I checked the repo for autofill bugs, and I didn’t see any open issues. It’s possible that some of these haven’t been reported yet.

Sure. I can prepare a small repo demonstrating the issue(s). It would be something simple I am doing wrong so I’ll get you something as tiny as possible.


Thank you if you open the issue and help the team to improve ionic!

What are you using instead of ion-input?

Just using a regular input field. Still works with v-model. I am going to post a github repo when I get some down time! Would love to make sure the difference between ion-input and input are both working great as expected.