Announcing Ionic 7.2

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Ionic v7.2 is here! This latest release brings updates to Button, Searchbar, and our Angular integration. Read on to learn more!

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good morning Liam,
i’ve upgraded my app from Ionic 7.1.3 to 7.2 and i’ve notice a weird layout problem in “ion-button”

this was my button before the upgrade

this with 7.2

as you can see the height is “higher” than the previous version.
I used a css rule to set the height

.button-ios, .button-md, .button-solid {
    height: 40px;

but now seems it isnt no longer working

is it my fault or something that i’m missing?

thank you

ps: I know that using the attribute size=“small” makes them small like my previous example, 40px, but I’ll have the same problem in case I want to make my buttons 45px or a random px

We changed the height on the ion-button to use min-height instead of height to prepare for an upcoming change that will allow text in ion-button to wrap to the next line instead of getting cut off. As a result, it is possible that your ion-button may grow in height since we are defining the minimum height, not the exact height.

Here is the commit: feat(button): allow button to increase in height when text wraps (#27… · ionic-team/ionic-framework@6fe716f · GitHub

The blog post discusses this change in the first section.