[announce] Easy dark mode with @aparajita/capacitor-dark-mode

Hi gang,

I am happy to announce the latest in my series of essential plugins for Ionic/Capacitor: capacitor-dark-mode. If you want to implement hassle-free dark mode across all platforms, there is no easier way.


  • Uniform API for enabling and controlling dark mode across all platforms. :clap:
  • Automatic dark mode detection. :eyes:
  • Support for user dark mode switching. :sunny::first_quarter_moon_with_face:
  • Support for custom dark mode preference storage. :floppy_disk:
  • Updates the status bar to match the dark mode, even on Android. :rocket:
  • Register listeners for system dark mode changes. :fire:
  • Extensive documentation.

The plugin is available here: GitHub - aparajita/capacitor-dark-mode: Universal dark mode support for Ionic web and native apps
Demo app is here: GitHub - aparajita/capacitor-dark-mode-demo: An Ionic/Vue demo of the @aparajita/capacitor-dark-mode plugin

Enjoy! :pray:

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