How to use animations in ionic app
key frames are lagging in device
is there any other way??

i am using css animations, they are fine

In device it is lagging

it is not, i am using this and it’s fine

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Oh ok thank you i will see

You can use Animate.css also.

Works fine for me

To create animations that perform well you need to understand what is happening behind the scenes (how the browser actually renders that animations). Two identical animations coded in different ways can have drastically different performance.

Modifying properties that trigger the “Layout” process (margin and height, for example) will be costly and may perform poorly. Modifying properties that don’t affect the position of other elements on the page (like transform and opacity) will generally perform very well. As an example, moving a box 10 pixels down by applying a margin would perform poorly, but moving a box 10 pixels down by using a transform would perform well.

I have a video that introduces this concept:

Hey hi joshmorony
thanks for giving me reply
i often see you blog i like your tutorials and concepts of ionic
im a big fan of you

thank you i will try