Animation of side menu sometimes freeze

When I swipe the header for open side menu, sometimes menu remains partially open. After that I can click somewhere and it’s ok.

I’ve been experiencing this too. It’s hard to reproduce, but with a really quick swipe it will sometimes just freeze partially open. You can try it using this CodePen:

I also made a screen recording of it in action:

Thanks for the additional info. We’ve already got a issue open on this. I added your example to it.

Issue # 738 :

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Try this version using the nightlies. See if you can make it freeze:

Still’s sometimes freezing when I short swipe.

@Calendee I’m getting this freezing too.

I don’t have a video but this is after trying to swipe quickly as @elliotwaite has described

@mhartington Is that with the nightly?

It was but in the past two hours, it seems like it maybe be fixed. I can’t seem to reproduce it

I’m going to consider this closed unless someone else pipes up with a problem. Thanks for checking again.

I still have this issue with the latest nightly (2014-03-11).

Can you point me to the Codepen for that? I’d like to check it out and see if our devs can come up with a solution.


After watching your video again, I spent about 3 minutes trying to make the menu stick. I got it to happen once but couldn’t make it happen again.

I hate to sound like I’m blowing it off, but I’m not sure how much more effort we can put into this.

Often it happens when I do very short, slow swipe (±1 centimeter on desktop).