Animated gif not playing when in slidebox on iOS

Hi, I’m using the ionic slidebox. I have 2 slides. Each with some text and an animated gif.

When the first slide loads the animated gif show works fine, but when I navigate to the second slide the animated gif on that slide doesn’t play at all. Navigating back to the first slide shows the first animated gif stuck where I left it when I swiped to the second slide. Works fine in my desktop chrome but not on iOS…

I’ve read through this : Animated Gif in iOS app not playing

But I still can’t get it to work. Where am I going wrong?

    <ion-slide-box on-slide-changed="slideChanged(index)" show-pager="false">
        <ion-slide class="padding">
            <p>Some text</p>
            <img ng-src="img/twostep_menu.gif" class="image boxed">
        <ion-slide class="padding">
            <p>Some more text</p>
            <img ng-src="img/signin.gif" class="image boxed">

It’s driving me mad now!