AngularJS IsDevMode() true when getting update via Ionic Pro builds

I have monitoring implemented in Ionic but I get errors from my local development as well as from production. I can remove the code while developing but that’s inconvenient. To fix this I added IsDevMode() from angular to check if dev mode is enabled before logging the exception inside my ErrorHandler. This works as expected when debugging and returns false when running with --prod. So it seemed to work…

However after committing the code and getting an update via build IsDevMode returns true again… meaning everyone who downloads an update via Ionic Pro is for some reason in angular development mode.

Any ideas how to solve this? I’ve tried Googling and searching the forums but can’t seem to find anyone with the same issue.


Update: Just to test it I pushed out a new native version via Google Play. The result was IsDevMode was false, but then after pushing a test update through Ionic Deploy IsDevMode is showing true again so the issue does seem to be Ionic Deploy.