AngularJS drag start

Hello, Im kinda new to Ionic and Cordova, but i have some programming skills in JS , HTML and CSS so I’m trying. The issue is that if you delete <ion-side-menus> then directive draggable stops working. If anyone is used to AngularJS then he could really help me out by posting some ideas.

Here is my codepen:

I will be thankful for every little hint.

Not sure what the issue is. Seems to work fine for me.

Yes but once you delete <ion-side-menus> and <ion-side-menu-content class="background" animation="slide-left-right-ios7"> the dragg stops working

To make things play better with each other, you should try to use our gestures.

Well due to lack of examples of ionic event controller i recoded the touch events, here is codepen if someone had the same problem.

You can now close this.