'AngularFireObject<any>' is not assignable to type 'FirebaseObjectObservable'


Hi, I am following an Ionic tutorial on Udemy.com and I have encountered the following error…

I have followed the tutorial word for word, and basically what it does at this point is it allows a user to log in to the application, and to create a profile.
This error has come with the functionality which allows users to edit their profile, within a data.service.ts provider, at the line which says… ‘this.profileObject = this.database.object(/profiles/${user.uid})’

I am thinking maybe it has something to do with ‘FirebaseObjectObservable’ being deprecated… but I have ensured to import this like so… ‘import { FirebaseObjectObservable } from “angularfire2/database-deprecated”;’

Please advise… sorry if I didn’t explain the problem well. Thanks

At this point I am willing to say this is a bad idea. Between Udemy’s history of ripping off content creators and them not curating tutorials like this, I recommend you find another source of Ionic information.

On another note, why on earth would you want to start your Ionic career by learning deprecated libraries? That library is deprecated for a good reason. Learn current material.

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for the info, yeah I know it may be stupid but I just wanted to have the application working so I can see how it works. To be honest, most other apps that were made on the ionic tutorial I am following have worked fine.
I dont know where to get any other ionic tutorials that start from the ground up, any suggestions?

The best resource I know of is Josh Morony’s book.

Unfortunately I do not have the $130 to buy the book. Any cheaper options in mind?

If you work that Angular tutorial I linked you, you’ll be in good shape. Morony’s blog and the javebratt blog are good places.

Also, the basic package for the Morony book is $39, not sure what you’re looking at. But if you don’t have the $ you don’t.

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Many thanks for the information Aaron, much appreciated :slight_smile:

https://javebratt.com/ is a good resource as well. I touch on using Firebase in my book from O’Reilly, Mobile App Development with Ionic, Revised Edition. I just updated the AngularFire/Firebase chapter on my blog: