Angular2-moment is breaking in rc0

I had beta25 working with angualr2-moment and I was using DateFormatPipe and CalendarPipe,

but now I am not able to do either
import {MomentModule} from 'angular2-moment';
import {DateFormatPipe, CalendarPipe} from 'angular2-moment';

both of them gives, doesn’t export module error. I am stuck with this now. I already had a production version of this app and now due to new releases after upgrade I am not able to even get the app up and running.

I tried using
import {MomentModule} from 'angular2-moment/module';

as well
it gives this errorin browser

Uncaught Error: Unexpected module ‘MomentModule’ declared by the module ‘AppModule’(anonymous function) @ metadata_resolver.js:275CompileMetadataResolver.getNgModuleMetadata @ metadata_resolver.js:262RuntimeCompiler.compileComponents @ runtime_compiler.js:126RuntimeCompiler._compileModuleAndComponents @ runtime_compiler.js:64RuntimeCompiler.compileModuleAsync @ runtime_compiler.js:55PlatformRef.bootstrapModuleWithZone @ application_ref.js:302PlatformRef.bootstrapModule @ application_ref.js:284(anonymous function) @ function) @

according to the changelog, (they updated it 10 hours ago) this should be fixed in the new version…

seeing your post is from 6 hours ago… are you using the latest version?

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Yeh, I dint realise there was an update after I downloaded it day before yesterday.

Thanks a lot.

beta3 works well.

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