Angular-route.js and Angular-touch.js not found in Alpha Peleguin

Under “Chapter 2: Getting Everything Installed”

We are asked to download the most recent release from and after creating the cordova project, copy everything in release/ to www/* in the new project. After that we were asked to create a new index.html file which includes loading angular-route.js and angular-touch.js.

When I ran it for the first time, safari error console complains “angular-route and angular touch not found”. After that I realise, angular-route.js and angular-touch.js is not even in the release/. Is it not suppose to be there?

Just fixed, thanks. Those dependencies have been removed in newer versions.

Wait how is this fixed? The tutorial is still asking for angular-touch and angular-route. Removing those lines didn’t fix the issue for me.

figured it out wasn’t using latest version, and didn’t know about ionic.bundle.js