Angular moment am-time-ago formatting


Hello all,

I am using Angular Moment to format dates into time ago. Instead of displaying ‘42 minutes ago’, I would like to display ‘42m’. It is working in the browser just fine, but within my app the times revert back to the original ‘42 minutes ago’ Markup:

<div class="col col-20 red post-date" am-time-ago="topic.post_stream.posts[0].updated_at"></div>

Inside .run() in app.js I am setting the locale to handle this described here. Relevant code.

moment.lang('en', {
    relativeTime : {
        future: "in %s",
        past:   "%s ago",
        s:  "%ds",
        m:  "1m",
        mm: "%dm",
        h:  "1h",
        hh: "%dh",
        d:  "1d",
        dd: "%dd",
        M:  "1m",
        MM: "%dm",
        y:  "1y",
        yy: "%dy"



Would anyone have an idea as to why this won’t display properly on a device. Not seeing any errors either.

EDIT: Altered the text in the moment.js source.