Angular Ionic data binding

I’m looping a list of products, and I want to get un single product to make HTTP request with IDProduct but i can’t pass prod from .html to .ts. Is anyone can help Me ?

       <ion-item *ngFor="let prod of listProdotti | filter:searchItem">
          <ion-label>{{ prod.NomeProdotto }}</ion-label>
          <ion-label>{{ prod.Reference }}</ion-label>
          <ion-toggle color="primary" [checked]="prod.Pubblicato == 'Si' ? true: false" (ionChange)="statusProduct($event)"></ion-toggle>
          <ion-icon style="cursor: pointer;"name="trash" color="danger" (click)="deleteProduct(prod.IDProdotto, prod.NomeProdotto)"></ion-icon>

Consider putting the click handler on ion-item. Does it pass the data?

If so then maybe ion-item is not bubbling the click? Maybe add slot=“end” to ion-icon and put the click handler back