Angular i18n on Ionic 4

Has anyone had any experience using the default i18n functionality of Angular 6/7 on Ionic 4 instead of ngx-translate?

I would believe that generating a different compilation for each language would work better with the native app deployment, but I have no idea on how to do that on Ionic 4 and found nothing about it


Hi Rafael

We’re facing a similar issue, did you happen to find a solution that you’d recommend?

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Has there been any update so far? I’m trying to solve this problem at the moment. My Angular build works fine (ng build), but as soon as I run ionic cordova build with a proper configuration the i18n files are ignored.

I’ve used this with Ionic.

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Thank you!!! @rapropos :heart_eyes:
I got it working!!!:clap:

@rapropos you have been always great help for all ionic relates queries, could you please help me by providing a sample project by using i18n with Ionic 4