Angular-google-maps not rendering in iOS simulator


Anyone have success having the angular-google-maps directive render in iOS?
I’ve followed their simple getting started guide and it is working fine in Chrome, when I run cordova emulate ios the map isn’t loading at all, just produces a blank view.

I tried using weinre to debug the issue, but I’m not seeing anything in the console or funky in the html.


Figured out the issue, wasn’t providing google maps with a key. It worked find in browser but then when switching over to cordova it wouldn’t render.


Hi !

I am experiencing the same issue (works fine on browser but fail to render on ios device).
It does not seem to work even with the google map api key… I tried every possible key (iOS, Browser, Server) but none of them made things work when emulating ios device.

Did you do something specific beside API key ?



After some research, it seems that unlike the browser, the device cannot load Google Map JS from the CDN. No need for a special key or whatsoever to make things work though.