Angular-google-maps don't work in device app


I’m developing an application with tabs to ionic. inside a tab I inserted a map using angular-google-maps. the application works perfectly if I use a browser. if I building with android or ios splashscreen after I see a blank page. how can I fix it?


I’ve the same problem with Windows after marker’s click. The MAP works for me. If you post some code, I’ll try to help you.


I am also having this issue. Do I need to make sure my code is minimise safe before building?

Willl have another go tonight and let you know if I have any success


I have just stumbled on this issue my self. What I can see is that there is sooo many ways you can get google map included/implemented in your app, but none of them are concrete. In fact none of them worked for me to get it working on the actual device. Most of them explain how to do it on the static single page app, but for my case I want to do it the proper way. Keep the JS in controllers and keep html clean

Either way surprised no comments from those who got it working. Please guys, we need your help!