angular firebase build error when try ionic build

I got error when I tried to build ionic app. Actually it wasn’t a problem when I build in local, but when I check build status in ionic website, I got a bellow error.

using angular5, ionic3

typescript: node_modules/angularfire2/, line: 10 Class ‘FirebaseApp’ incorrectly implements interface ‘FirebaseApp’. Property ‘automaticDataCollectionEnabled’ is missing in type ‘FirebaseApp’.

L9: export declare const FirebaseAppConfigToken: InjectionToken;
L10: export declare class FirebaseApp implements FBApp {
L11: name: string;

I have no idea. Should I downgrade firebase version?

Are you using Ionic Pro Package to build your app or what does this refer to?

I don’t use it cause I’m not an ionic pro member. I just push my cod to github then ionic builder on ionic website gets codes from my github and try to build.

What does this refer to? Do you have a link?
What command do you run? What button do you click?

Oh I’m sorry, my English.
I’m using Ionic pro as a starter.
When I tried to build, that error occurred.
I installed @firebase/app@0.1.10 to solve it.
And it’s gone now.