@Angular/cli V6 & Workspaces, can we embed ionic?

So with the release of Angular V6 the CLI got a fancy new feature, the possibility to host multiple apps inside the same project, so i’m wondering, how feasible it is to have an Ionic project embedded inside an Angular V6 project?

We may need to tweak the build scripts of the main project to build all projects for production.

The main purpose here is to share as much code as possible, i’m thinking about class inheritance for components that extend functionality, component selector based on application specific build (like 2 different components for Desktop & Mobile), and any other fancy stuff you could think of or want in there, any comments around this idea?

Another idea is having a library there for the general purpose ones, then import from that in both projects & extend with device specific logic.

I’ll try next weekend to check if just embedding a project there would work.

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