Angular-charts inside ionic


I have been developing with ionic for a month and it’s a great framework.

My project was in Ionic v0.9.17 and angular-charts ( worked inside a tag.

Today I migrated to Ionic, v0.9.21 and angular-charts thows an error: TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'width’
at e (http://localhost/MP2JSMobile/Ionic2/lib/js/angular-charts.min.js:1:10690)

Any idea what’s happening? Any other chart component recomendation?




I got the same with Google Maps. Are you trying to apply the chart to an HTML element that doesn’t exist in the DOM yet?

Side note: looks nice…I think it has less dependencies.


Thanks Gregory.

I converted my charts to and Now it;s working well with Ionic, v0.9.21.

Yes. chartjs has less dependencies (jquery) but it also has less features.




Also consider Google Charts API. Makes some really nice charts.

Problem with import a graph in a canvas-element

Thanks Calendee

I will spend some time with it. My first impression is that they look “old”. Is there any way to “modernize” it?