Angular: Build your first app. Individual declarations in merged declaration error ts(2395)

Hi I’m working through the build your first app tutorial here: Taking Photos with the Camera - Ionic Documentation

The specific step I am struggling with is:
’ Back at the top of the file, define an array of Photos, which will contain a reference to each photo captured with the Camera. ’

export class PhotoService {
  public photos: Photo[] = [];

  // other code

First question: is says ‘back at the top of the file’; I presume this is the file. Also, does it really mean the top? Surely not above the import statements?

Secondly, when I do add it, I get the following error:
“Individual declarations in merged declaration ‘PhotoService’ must be all exported or all local.” I assume this is because one of my imports is PhotoService from the photo.service.

I’ve attached a screenshot that hopefully helps. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

No. The file where the PhotoService is defined. A simple rule is “no more than one class per file”. A single file should contain at most one class, although it can have as many interfaces as you like.

It doesn’t. In the future, please post textual information as text instead.