Angular 2 and attribute hidden checkbox


Hello ı have an issue it s not actually a problem but icouldnt find any solution clear

I want to do that when i checked checkbox unhide the button related element .Not all button at rows how can i do that Thanks in Advance

<ion-item no-lines *ngFor="let item of grup,let i = index" >
  <ion-checkbox [checked]=sonstate (ionChange)="grubagonder(i,$event)"></ion-checkbox>
   <button ion-button [hidden]=controll item-right clear danger (click)='del(i)'>
      <ion-icon color="danger"  name="trash"></ion-icon>  


You’re going to have to have separate properties for each item in the group (I would put it in the item itself, because I don’t like multiple parallel arrays). I would also recommend quoting all your attributes.